France and its Fantastic Summer Festivals!

Everyone knows that big cities in France slow down in the month of August as the majority of its citizens escape to the beach or countryside for some much needed R&R! However, even if some big cities quieten down, lots of places around France (big and small) come to life in the Summer with festivals… Read More

The Importance of Changing Your Mind-set When You Move Abroad

When I moved to France 7 years ago I didn’t really think about the fact that living in a different country would, over time, drastically alter my way of thinking. I also didn’t realise that, even though I adapted to my new home, not all expats would do the same. Let me explain… There are… Read More

Ten Questions You Ask Yourself When You Move to France

When I first arrived in France, I honestly thought that my life here wouldn’t be so different to my life in England. After all, there’s only the Channel separating us from one another! Oh dear, oh dear, how naive I once was! It didn’t take long before the cultural differences started popping up and the… Read More

Sworn Translations – Are They Necessary?

If you live in France you have most probably heard of sworn translations before from one of the many French administration systems. If you have somehow managed to escape this annoying requirement and don’t know what it is, here’s a short intro: What is a sworn translation? A sworn translation is a document created by a… Read More

Getting French Nationality: The Beginners Guide!

Like so many other Brits abroad, this was my reaction when I woke up to the results of the Brexit vote. To say I was in shock is an understatement and although I had a horrible feeling that the UK would vote to leave, I was still hoping that it wouldn’t come to pass.  Sadly though,… Read More