Sworn Translation

When do translations need to be court sworn?
In France, sworn translations are most commonly required when government agencies request that documents such as birth/marriage/death certificates, driving licences, diplomas, etc. be translated into French and stamped by an “expert” translator who’s affiliated with a French Court.

How does it work?
Court sworn translators often want to see and stamp the originals of the documents that they’re asked to translate. The sworn translators in our team work with scans of documents so you can send your document(s) to us via e-mail and we will send the translation(s) to you by post. It’s that simple!

• Birth/death/marriage certificates: 40-45€ each.
• Diplomas and transcripts: 35€ per page.

For all other documents, please contact us for a precise quote.
*Additional costs apply for “rush” translations.