No language barriers!
We know how important communication is and how complicated situations can become when information fails to circulate properly. We offer reliable linguistic services that can rid you of language related difficulties and leave you free to enjoy your life in France.


Why choose us?
Well, because we are uniquely qualified.
• The linguists in this company have been fully immersed in French and English cultures alike, they have gotten to know both languages intimately and are able to detect and translate even the subtlest of nuances.
• Not only have we gained extensive cultural and linguistic knowledge from living and growing up in both English and French speaking countries, we have also honed and disciplined our linguistic skills through academia by studying foreign languages and translation at University.
• Having experienced different ways of living in various countries, we have gained an awareness that allows us to analyse cultural aspects such as humour, sensitive subjects, references, tonalities, formalities and so forth; thus enabling us to translate them more effectively.
• Constantly switching between different languages has become second nature to us, just like delivering flawless translations with fast turnarounds has.

In other words, we are TRULY BILINGUAL.

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I happened upon a post in a “Brits in France” Facebook group a few weeks ago in which a lady asked the group, “Does anyone else hate Christmas in France? Nowhere does Christmas quite like Blighty.” This post jumped out at me but not because I agree with her sentiments; my feelings are exactly the… Read More

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Jane Hunt, French resident for 7 years, provides some advice on improving your French listening skills: As a teenager, I was on holiday in France with my parents in the windy Vendée and I needed to buy a hair clip. I looked up the word, “barrette”, in the dictionary and made my way to a… Read More

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Dordogne resident Jane Hunt has heard it all! She says that when you move to France you will probably find yourself in receipt of plenty of well-meant advice from fellow immigrants. She says that some of it may help you; some of it may not. Read on and be warned! I moved to France in… Read More

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If you’re planning on using Airbnb to rent out a room, an entire house or an apartment in France, then this article is for you!   First things first, you need to find out whether or not the place you intend to rent out is located in one of the municipalities in France that are… Read More

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Everyone knows that big cities in France slow down in the month of August as the majority of its citizens escape to the beach or countryside for some much needed R&R! However, even if some big cities quieten down, lots of places around France (big and small) come to life in the Summer with festivals… Read More

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When I moved to France 7 years ago I didn’t really think about the fact that living in a different country would, over time, drastically alter my way of thinking. I also didn’t realise that, even though I adapted to my new home, not all expats would do the same. Let me explain… There are… Read More

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