Why choose us?

Well, because we are uniquely qualified. 

The linguists in our team have been fully immersed in French and English cultures alike, they have gotten to know both languages intimately and are able to detect and translate even the subtlest of nuances. Not only have we gained extensive cultural and linguistic knowledge from living and growing up in both English and French speaking countries, we have also honed and disciplined our linguistic skills through academia by studying foreign languages and translation at University.

Having experienced different ways of living in various countries, we have gained an awareness that allows us to analyse cultural aspects such as humour, sensitive subjects, references, tonalities, formalities and so forth; thus enabling us to translate them more effectively. Constantly switching between different languages has become second nature to us, just like delivering flawless translations with fast turnarounds has.

In other words, we are TRULY BILINGUAL !

  • Richard E. Martin

    “Paying for translations is never fun or cheap. The average price of a translation I discovered hovered around 50 Euros a page for most translations. Rather than charge a per-page fee, I chose to use Bilingual Minds because they adopted a per word fee instead to cover smaller documents and easier to translate materials. What a relief! I needed to translate approximately 24 pages of legal documents for my application for French naturalisation. Not only did they provide mea court sworn and certified translator but the quality of the work was stellar! I ended up receiving my translations in a matter of days instead of weeks and in mint, almost uncanny detail. So much so, I could have sworn that they were originally in French. I met with the immigration authorities last Friday for hopefully the final time. They accepted my translated documents without blinking. They were perfect. You need it done fast, properly and professionally? Get a hold of Bilingual Minds. You won’t be upset.”

  • Paul Barton

    “You deliver SO much more than linguistic services. What you actually do is strip away the anxieties that someone like me inevitably feels when having to communicate with officialdom in a foreign language. I guess translation is only a part of communication; without the all important nuances (humour, etiquette etc.) a lot can get lost. It is rare that someone surpasses my expectations but you have done so, and some! It almost feels like I’m stuck in the jungle and have bumped into Bear Grylls! Businesslike efficiency combined with a level of involvement you might see from a friend. What not to like!”

  • Hannah Houseworth

    “I used their service to translate a document from English to French. I had contacted them on a weekend and wasn’t expecting a response until the following Monday, but they responded within an hour and I had my translation in hand by that Thursday. When I needed a second document translated with the original needing stamped as well, I tried to contact almost a dozen translators in Paris. After two days with zero responses I contacted Bilingual Minds again and they were more than happy to accommodate what I needed done. They have quickily responded to all my emails, I always have my translations in less than a week, and they are decently priced as well. They will definitely be my go-to for any future translations.”

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