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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bilingual Minds a certified translation agency?

There’s no such thing as a “certified translation agency” in France. Only individual linguists can become sworn / certified (“assermenté” in French) translators. There are five sworn translators in our team who are affiliated with French courts. Our sworn / certified translations bear official seals and are accepted by government agencies and authorities throughout the whole of France and abroad.

Do you need to stamp the original document in order for a sworn/certified translation to be valid?

No, not unless the translation
is going to be used for a citizenship application.

A stamped copy of the original document is sufficient to prove that the sworn translator has seen
the original document. We can print off a copy of the original document, stamp it and send it to you by post along with the hard copy of the translation.

If the translation is going to
be used for a citizenship appication
, you need to contact your local prefecture to find out what their specific requirements are. Most prefectures accept stamped copies of original documents if the translator states on the translation that the he/she only received an e-copy of the original document. Some prefectures still only accept stamped original documents. If that’s the case with your local prefecture, you can send the original document(s) to us via registered mail and we will stamp them and send them back to you along with the hard copy/copies of the translation(s).

Do we have to meet?

No, we can manage any project together via e-mail or over the phone.

How soon will I receive the certified translation once I've ordered it?

We usually turn projects around within a week but for urgent needs, we offer a fast-track service turning translations around in under 48 hours.

Are you qualified?

Of course, we’d be happy to provide references and testimonials.

  • Amit Saraogi

    “I used Bilingual Minds recently to translate a document from English to French and their service was exceptionally professional.

    They were very responsive and accommodated my request at short notice. They did a great job, turnaround time was amazing and
    the fee was reasonable.

    I strongly recommend them.

  • Dielle Ciesco

    “We’ve used Bilingual Minds twice now. Highly recommended for communication and follow-through.

    Very efficient and reasonably priced service. My biggest concern with services like this is having some important detail get dropped; they have been wonderful at understanding the problem and verifying facts.”