Standard translations

We can translate anything and everything ranging from websites to literature from French to English and vice versa. In order to ensure that all of the translations we do meet the expectations of our clients and to prevent sloppy mistakes, every single word handed in by one of our translators is thoroughly proofread by another member of the team.

Our method

We make sure that the target language is also the chosen translator’s mother tongue and that the proofreader’s mother tongue matches the source language. This way, both English and French native speakers work on projects together, enabling them to complement each other’s work and pick up on their colleagues’ mistakes (if there are any).

Price: €0.10 (VAT not included) per source word for general translations. For technical translations, please contact us directly for a quote. Minimum fee of €10 for each project.
*Additional fees may apply for “Rush Translations”.
Contact us for more info.