La Prime d'Activité - The Work Bonus!

La Prime d'Activité - The Work Bonus!

So what on earth is it?

La prime d'activité is a financial aid aimed at encouraging people to work and supporting the purchasing power of workers with modest incomes.

It is calculated on the basis of a quarterly declaration. The payment of the premium takes into account the resources of all members of the household.

It was put into place in January 2016 and replaced the RSA activité and the prime pour l'emploi.

Are you entitled to it? 

It's very easy to find out if you are entitled to the Prime d'activité as their website is extremely coherent!

To be eligible you must:

  • Be employed or self-employed;
  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Not earn more than 1500€ per month if you are a single adult with no children, 2200€ if you are a single parent, and 2900€ if you have a partner and two children (household income);
  • Be either of French nationality or of a foreign national legally resident in France (holder of a 10-year resident card or living in France for at least 5 years with a residence permit authorizing work during those 5 years ); a national of the EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland;
  • Reside in France;
  • Not be on parental leave, on sabbatical leave, on leave without pay, on leave or a posted worker;
  • Special conditions apply if you are a student or an apprentice.

You can even watch a fun, straightforward video here which explains all of this!

How is it calculated? 

It is calculated based on all of your resources and those of your household members (including CAF benefits). It is calculated on the basis of a quarterly statement of resources. The amount of the bonus is identical over 3 months even if your situation changes during this period.

On average, households benefiting from the "Working bonus" receive 170€ per month. You can estimate how much you're entitled to here. 

If you are in a situation where you are eligible for the "working bonus" you should definitely apply! The system is designed to help people and we believe a lot of people are not benefiting from the financial aid because they don't know that it's available to them!

Worried about your French level? Let Bilingual Minds help you each step of the way!

Bonne continuation! 

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